Wild Blueberry Bag-in-Box Syrup

Swell Soda’s Wild Blueberry is our most vintage-tasting flavor. It’s not overly sweet and full-bodied, with a true, rich berry flavor that will make you remember what it was like to be a kid!


“Wow, that takes me back!”

I often hear that after people take a sip of Swell Soda’s Wild Blueberry.

Its clean, uncomplicated fruity flavor takes me back to simpler days…playing under the pier at Pacific Beach; exploring through caves and tunnels at the Children’s Pool and the Cove in La Jolla; or reaching for starfish at the tidepools in Ocean Beach.

Vintage Taste

It reminds me of our long camping trips at San Elijo State Park in Encinitas, seven days of sun and sand, smelling of ocean and SPF8 sunscreen, skin cooked to a golden brown and my nose covered in white zinc oxide.

Yep. It takes me back. Can a soda do all that? We invite you to find out for yourself!

Wanna have a little more vintage fun? Drop a small dollop of your favorite berry ice cream into the bottom of a glass and pour a bottle of Swell Soda’s Wild Blueberry over the top, then mix it up with a long ice cream spoon. Crown it with another scoop (don’t forget the whipped cream!) and you have an old-style ice cream soda! Enjoy!

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