Our Culture

Life is Swell

What is most important to us at Swell Soda?

We believe in family (including the family you’re not related to) and making special time to spend with those we love.

We believe in community, being a part of the bigger picture, that our lives are bigger than ourselves, and making life better for others.

We believe in diversity, and appreciating the things that make us different.

We believe in a celebration of life, that no matter how good you have it or how hard life is treating you, that life is beautiful. That we can be thankful for what we have. That we can rise up and be strong. That there is hope. That at the end of the day…

Life is Swell.

Why Soda?

We make soda because soda makes people happy. It’s fun. It pairs well with our food and our good times — parties, family gatherings, group BBQs, weddings, romantic evenings, and just hanging out with friends.

It’s an opportunity to indulge a little, to give yourself a treat. It won’t change your world, or make you a better person.

But it WILL make life a little tastier along the way.

Cane Sugar

Sugar Cane plants produce a tall stalk that is harvested and pressed to extract its juice. The juice is boiled until it forms crystals, which are then sent to a refinery to be washed, filtered, recrystallized and dried, then packaged. In ancient India, cane juice crystals were called khanda, where we get the word candy. When Alexander the Great came to India, he found their powdered version of the crystals called sakhar, which the Greeks dubbed sakcharon.

By the 18th century, sugar was being produced and imported from around the world, and sugar refineries were instrumental in changing sugar from a luxury only the wealthy could afford to a product everyone could enjoy.

Cane sugar is pure sucrose … a naturally occurring disaccharide (two-sugar compound) that’s exactly half glucose and half fructose. It costs more to use, but the flavor is simply incomparable to any other sweetener.

We see Swell Soda as a treat, or to accompany a special meal or occasion. Not that we have a problem with you treating yourself to it every day, but we don’t see Swell Soda as a product to be supersized or over-indulged upon. A wholesome and complete diet is always recommended. Please enjoy Swell Soda responsibly!


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