Surfside Lemonade

The tart, citrus taste of lemon mixed with the sweet natural goodness of real cane sugar!


Life & Lemons

When life gives you lemons… make a craft sparkling lemonade! We take the tart, citrus taste of lemon and mix it with the sweet natural goodness of real cane sugar, then infuse it with bubbles for a sparkling, refreshing beverage good all year round!

Picnic Time

Swell Soda’s Surfside Lemonade is perfect for those backyard barbecues with friends and family: hot dogs and chips on paper plates, sliced watermelons and macaroni salad, beach blankets on the warm grass under the California sun… It’s on!

Fill a pint-sized mason jar halfway with crushed ice.  Add an ounce (or two) of mint syrup and top it off with Surfside Lemonade.  Add a sprig of mint or a maraschino cherry, pop in that paper straw…and enjoy!

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