Lemon Craft Seltzer

Our Lemon Craft Seltzer is all natural, with no sweeteners, no sodium, and no guilt!


Who drinks seltzer?

We do now! What started as an in-house batch to keep our thirst quenched got crafted into one of our favorite bottled beverages! Now we’re sharing it with the world…we hope you love it as much as we do!

What’s in it?

No sugar, no sodium, all flavor! Our Lemon seltzer gives you a bubbly, bold burst of fragrant, naturally-flavored Lemon, perfect for any time of day or night!

Cut up a watermelon into small cubes and freeze them.  Once frozen, fill a glass with the watermelon ice and pour a bottle of Lemon Craft Seltzer over it for a naturally sweet treat!

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