Diet COLAfornia

Naturally-flavored, this citrus and kola nut beverage offers highlights of real vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and no calories!


More than nothing

What do you expect from your Diet Cola? Zero Calories? That’s easy enough. But we refused to do it until we could make it taste amazing! Swell Soda’s Diet COLAfornia has a rich cola flavor, and with no  calories, nothing never tasted so good!

Citrus, kola nut and…

We kept the same refreshing, naturally-flavored citrus and kola nut, nutmeg and cinnamon goodness you expect, and we eliminated that diet aftertaste. It’s a diet cola worthy of the name COLAfornia!

Dirty Diet COLAfornia Popsicles! Add a bottle of Swell Soda’s Diet COLAfornia to a bowl and let it get a little less fizzy, then add the juice of one lime and 4 tablespoons of your favorite vanilla coconut milk creamer. Pour it into popsicle molds and freeze for four hours.  You’re ready for a cool and creamy, guiltless dessert!

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