Coffee Vanilla Cream

Prepare to be amazed by the full-flavored richness of Vanilla Cream soda with bold coffee overtones that is sure to become your new all-time favorite!


Did somebody say COFFEE?

You don’t have to tell me twice!  Since I was little I’ve always love the full-flavored richness of a quality Vanilla Cream soda. How did they pack all that goodness into one small bottle?

Well, we figured out how to make it even better! Sweet vanilla with bold coffee overtones will quickly make Swell Soda’s Coffee Vanilla Cream your new all-time favorite!

Does it…

…have caffeine?  And the answer is yes…  It’s Coffee!

We know…it seems a little strange.  Coffee in my soda?  Give it a try…your mouth will thank you for it!  (So will we!)

Is it time for dessert? Pour a bottle of Swell Soda’s Coffee Vanilla Cream Soda into a tall glass and drop in hefty scoop of real vanilla ice cream for a most amazing Ice Cream Float!

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