Riptide Root Beer

We took our time creating the bold and creamy flavor of everyone’s favorite original barrel-brewed classic with the right amount of Root Beer bite!

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Getting to our roots…

Root beer is one of the original soft drinks. Originally brewed from sassafras, molasses and wintergreen and fermented in barrels to make the bubbles, it’s been sold in stores since the 1840’s.  Originating in America, this classic favorite is now made all over the world. We give those soda pioneers a hearty salute!

Destined to be a classic!

We really took our time crafting our Riptide Root Beer.  If you make soda, you have to get this one right!  It’s got all of the classic richness of a vintage root beer, and we added a kick of ginger to drive the flavor home!

We all know that root beer is made for Root Beer Floats, but consider a switch up…drop in some Butter Pecan Ice Cream for a richer float.  OR… Place two scoops vanilla ice cream in your blender and pour in a bottle of Riptide Root Beer, then blend it up for an amazing Riptide Root Beer Shake!

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