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General Information
Can we swing by the Swell Soda shop?

Of course we would love to meet you, but we’re just not always there! So all visits are by appointment only.

Can we get a tour or bring in students to see how you make it?

If you have a class or a small group you would like to have come out and get a lesson on soda making, we would love to make special arrangements with you! Please contact us at info@swellsoda.com.

What if I want to order a LOT of soda for an event?

That would be awesome! Contact us at orders@swellsoda.com and let us know about your event and what you are looking for.

How long will it last?

We recommend consuming your soda within a year of your purchase date. (But we’re guessing you’ll drink it all up way before that!)

Can we place a Will Call order?

If you have a special order and you want to come by to pick it up, we can do so by appointment. Please contact us directly at orders@swellsoda.com.

Do you deliver?

If you are in San Diego County, we would love to deliver it to you. Delivery fees may apply on smaller orders.

I’m a retailer. How can we carry it in our store or restaurant?

Please contact us at info@swellsoda.com so we can learn about who you are and where your store is so we can find the right distributor to provide you our soda!

Shipping / Returns
How do you ship?

Swell Soda primarily uses FedEx for shipping within the continental United States. We also use USPS for certain items.

Are you able to ship internationally?

If FedEx can get it there, we can ship it.

Can I cancel my order?

Your order may be canceled up until it has shipped and still receive a full refund. Once it has shipped, we cannot cancel and offer full refund.

Can I change the shipping address of my order?

You can change the shipping location up until it has shipped. If the location is in a different shipping region, there may be additional shipping costs.

What if my order arrives with broken bottles or damaged?

Usually if a package is damaged, it is caught before delivery and returned to us or discarded. If your tracking information shows it is being returned to us, this is likely why. In this event, please contact us so we can get your replacement out to you more quickly.

If your package arrives broken, please email us at orders@swellsoda.com with your order number and a photo of the damaged package so we can make a claim with our shipping department and FedEx. Then we will work with you to provide either a replacement or a refund.

If a damaged package arrives and there is broken glass, for your safety we recommend throwing away the entire package (even the “good” ones). There may be hairline fractures or chips in the unbroken bottles.

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