Big Ginger Ale

Cool roots

Created by an Irish apothecary in the 1800s, Ginger Ale as become one of the most versatile of drinks! It mixes great with juices and it soothes the body, and it is a popular go-to beverage.

It’s a BIG deal!

There is something special about the bubbly and bold, spicy natural flavor of Swell Soda’s Big Ginger Ale. It’s the right amount of pure cane sugar sweet, coupled with a serious Caribbean-style ginger bite. Mix it or drink it straight, you’re gonna love it!

Blend a pint of your favorite sorbet with a bottle of Swell Soda's Lime-n-Lemon. Pour them into a couple of mason jars and top with a squirt of whipped cream and cherry – for an effervescent, cool, thick and fruity after-dinner drink!

Ride The Barrel With Us!

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