Diet COLAfornia

Level up

Swell Soda’s COLAfornia takes your Cola experience to the next level!

Inspired by that other across-the-border cola, our naturally-flavored citrus and kola nut beverage will wow your tongue with highlights of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the sweetness of pure cane sugar!


Making peace

The cola wars rage on… but Swell Soda’s COLAfornia comes in peace!

Cola shouldn’t be a go-to, every day, what-you-drink soda. It should be an experience.  A crafted drink to be paired with an amazing burger or your favorite street tacos. Sweet, tangy, natural, bold.  That’s COLAfornia.  Welcome to your new favorite cola…

Ready for this? Swell Cake! Grab a box of your off-the-shelf cake mix, and instead of oil and eggs, pour in one bottle of Swell COLAfornia, then bake as directed. Seriously! It tastes great, and you can cut the fat!

Ride The Barrel With Us!

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