California History

Pomegranates have been growing in Southern California for over 200 years (you can thank the Spanish explorers and settlers for that!) and they have long since become a popular favorite with their bold, unique taste.

Every Halloween, there was a lady at the end of my block who handed out pomegranates instead of candy (back when you didn’t have to worry about such things). It wasn’t long before my fingers and lips were stained with that sweet juice!



Your cozy soda

I think of Swell Soda’s Pomegranate as a “cozy soda” … good any time of day, warm or cool, rain or shine. It’s not-too-sweet while bursting with that great fruity taste Californians love!

Secret foodie tip: it goes especially well with your favorite sushi, a big carne asada burrito (you know which taco shop), or a freshly grilled burger! Trust us on that!

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